Agent: Robert Baruch Almagià

Place and date of birth: Bucarest, Romania, 24.05.1984

Age Range: 28-40                                                                                 

Height: 1,87 (6.10 ft)

Hair: brown

Eyes: green blue

Languages: Romenian, French, English and Italian with an Accent

Accent & Dialect: English with Eastern European Accent

Possible Accomodation: Genova, Rome

Base: Bucharest, Romania


canto (singing), saxophone (tenor and alto), motorcycle, car, ski, swimming, horse-back riding

Training/Formazione Artistica:

2007 - Bucharest National University of Film and Theatre I.L. Caragiale

Feature Films/Cinema:

2022 The Bunker Game (co-lead) directed by R.Zazzara

2021 Rondul de Noapte (co-lead)directed by I.Demian

2021 #dogpoopgirl directed by A.Hutuleac

2020 9 Povesti de Dragoste is Ura in izolare (co-lead)directed by D.Chisu

2016 Salint’s Couch directed by F.Ardant

2016 Selfie 69 directed by C.Jacob

2016 The Fixer (lead) directed by A.Sitaru

2013 Obsessive Rythms directed by F.Ardant

2013 The Zero Theorem directed by T.Gilliam

2013 Miss Christina (lead) directed by A.Maftei

2012 A Month in Thailand directed by P.Negoescu

2012 Sukind directed by R. Van Den Berg

2010 Aurora directed by C.Puiu

2010 Green Moon (lead) directed by A. Visarion

2009 Cendre et sang (co-lead) directed by F. Ardant

2008 Weekend with my mother (co-lead) directed by S. Gulea

2007 Blood and chocolate directed by Katja von Garnier

2006 The paper will be blue (co-lead) directed by R. Munteanu

2005 Tertium non datur (lead) directed by Lucian Pintilie

Short Films/Cortometraggi:

2019 Pedigree directed by F.Babei

2019 Havana, CUBA directed by A.Hutuleac

2017 Offstage directed by A.Hutuleac

2016 Love directed by F.Galo

2016 High Grounds directed by J.Van Der Haegen

2011 Lunch Break directed by C.Alexandrescu

2009 Afterparty directed by I.Mladenovic

2009 Dan’s brother directed by T. Jurgiu

2007 Late directed by P. Negoescu

2007 Interior. Bloc of flats directed by C. Alexandrescu

2007 Synopsis docu-drama directed by V. Trandafir

2007 Bricostory directed by A. Paduraru

2007 Exam directed by P. Negoescu

Tv Shows/Serie:

2017 Saturday Night Years directed by D.Buliga

2006 Lombraziol 8 directed by A.Maftei and H.Marcu

2006 Cu Inima Indoita directed by I.Carmazan

2005 Good Guys directed by T.H.Nicon and B.Barbulescu


2018 Gopo Awards Romania nominated Best Actor for Fixeur (2016)

2017 Berlin International Film Festival Won EFP Shooting Star, Romania

2016 Les Arcs European Film Festival Won Best Actor Prize

2007 Gopo Awards, Romani nominated Young Hope Awards for Examen (2006) and Hartia va fi Albastra (2006)

2006 CineMAiubit – International Student Film Festival Won Best Actor