Agent: Robert Baruch Almagià

Place and date of birth: Gaeta, 22.09.1999

Age Range: 18-25

Height: 1.78 – 5.8ft

Hair: brown

Eyes: brown

Languages: Italian, Spanish, English

Accent & Dialect: Roman, Neapolitan

Base: Rome, Italy

Possible accommodation: Turin, Milan, Naples


canto (singing), scacchi (chess), modern dance, volleyball,

equitazione (horse-back riding)

Training/Formazione Artistica:

2022 Laboratory with Martina Querini

2022 Seminar with Michael Margotta

2021-2022 Laboratory of theatre “Teatro senza ruolo” with Luigi Morra

2021 Laboratory of Practical Aesthetics with Armando Di Lillo

2021 Laboratory of Chubbuck technique with Doris Von Thury

2020 Workshop of pronunciations and accents with Patrizia La Fonte

2020 Workshop of training and scenes with Azzurra Rocchi

2020 Workshop of Acting in English with Manuela Parodi

2020 Workshop of Meisner technique with Giorgia Sinicorni

2019-2021 Theatre and Cinema Academy Action Pro


2022 “Sogni da attesa” directed by Luigi Morra 

2021 “Modigliani il Principe” directed by A.Longoni

2020 “Poesie di Brecht” directed by A.Longoni