Agent: Robert Baruch Almagià

Place and date of birth: Seattle (USA), 18.11.1947

Age Range: 60-70

Height:  1.75 - 5.9 ft                                                                                          

Hair: salt & pepper

Eyes: blue

Languages: Italian, English (mother tongue)

Accent & Dialect: British, RP, American Standard

Base: Scandriglia (RIETI)

Possible accomodation: Bologna, Napoli, Milano

Skills/Sports: canto (singing): voce baritono (lyric baritone), nuoto (swimming); languages: Italian (fluent) & Spanish

Training/ Formazione Artistica:

1984 Kristen Linlater

1972-1969 Theater Arts California State University, Northridge

Feature Films/Cinema:

2021 Promises directed by Amanda Sthers

2021 House of Gucci directed by Ridkey Scott

2021 The Christmas Witch (co-lead) directed by Francesco Cinquemani

2019 The Tormented (co-lead) directed by Tim Pickett

2018 The Tracker (special guest) directed by Giorgio Serafini

2018 Gore (special guest) directed by Michael Hoffman

2018 The Orchard directed by Mary Sellers

2017 Unredeemed (co-lead) directed by Daniele Barilà

2016 The Tormented (co-lead) directed by Tim Pickett

2006 The Listening (co-lead) directed by Giacomo Martelli

1999 Bodyguards (special guest) directed by Neri Parenti

1990 Contra el viento  (co-lead) directed by Francisco Periñan

1989 Batman (special guest) directed by Tim Burton

1988 Frankenstein Unbound (special guest) directed by Roger Corman

(lista completa a richiesta/complete list upon request)

TV Shows/Serie:

2021 Leonardo directed by Daniel Percival

2020 The New Pope (special guest) directed by Paolo Sorrentino

2019 I Medici 3 (special guest) directed by Christian Duguay

2018 I Medici 2 (special guest) directed by Jon Cassar

2012 The Bodyguard (special guest) directed by Edoardo Margheriti

2011 La Ragazza Americana (special guest) directed by Vittorio Sindoni

2010 Capri (special guest) directed by Francesca Marra e Dario Acocella

2009 La mia casa è Piena di Specchi directed by Vittorio Simdoni

2009 Piper (special guest) directed by Francesco Vicario

2008 Einstein (special guest) directed by Liliana Cavani

2006 I Cesaroni (special guest) directed by Francesco Vicario

2005 Pope John Paul II (special guest) directed by John Kent Harrison

2004 Un Posto al sole (special guest) directed by Various

2002 Papa Giovanni XXIII (special guest) directed by Giorgio Capitani

1999 Pepe Carvalho (co lead) directed by Franco Grimaldi

1991 Dark Justice (co lead) directed by Jeff Frellich

(lista completa a richiesta/complete list upon request)


1981 Dreams against the State Various locations (L.A.)

1981 Sugar (Musical) Seattle

1980 Year One of the Empire Odyssey Theater (L.A.)

1979 Once Upon a Mattress (Musical) Woodminster Festival (CA)

(lista completa a richiesta/complete list upon request)


2004 Telecom (“Ghandi”) directed by Spike Lee

Short Films/Cortometraggi:

2013 The Fisherman (The Intruder) directed by Simona De Angelis

2002 Space Off directed by Tino Franco