Agent: Robert Baruch Almagià

Place and date of birth: Milan, Italy, 23.07.1977

Age Range: 40-48

Height: 1,71 (5.8 ft)

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: Hazel

Languages: Italian, English, Spanish

Accent & Dialect: American Standard, English, French, Italian, Russian, Latino, Mexican, Spanish, Natural: Italian& Australian

Possible accommodation: Milan

Base: Sydney

Skills/Skills: Professional Opera Singer, Actor, Musical Theatre, Presenter, Prof. Singer, Specialist Performer

Horse Riding, Tennis, Yoga, Pilates, Singing Range: Mezzo Soprano

Training/Formazione Artistica:

2004-2000 Musicale di MilanoClassical SingingMusic

2001-1999 EtoileJazz DancingDance

2000- 1997 CTA, MilanoDramaActing, performance

Feature Films/Cinema:

2023 Dante’s Hell directed by B.Acosta (post-production)

2021 Little Tornadoes directed by A.Wilson

2013 Elena directed by S.Guy

2012 L’Apocalisse delle scimmie directed by R.Scavolini

2009 Vampire Killers directed by P.Claydon

2007 Romulus, My Father directed R.Roxburgh

2006 The Detonator directed by P.C.Leong

2004 Van Helsing directed by S.Sommers

2003 Virgin Territory directed by D.Leland

2002 Casomai directed by A.D’Alatri

(lista completa a richiesta/complete list upon request)

Tv Series/Tv shows

2023 The Divine Comedy: Inferno, Purgatory and Paradise by B.Acosta


2022 The Twelve directed by D.Nettheim and  S.Davies

2022 Carols in the Domain

2022 Dishing It Up produced by E.Griggs

2021 The Cook Up with Adam Liaw directed by A.Cassimaty

2021 Cook like an Italian directed by S.Sinclair

2020 Play School directed by M.Barnard and I.Munro

2019 Everyday Gourmet with Justine Schofield directed by R.Kelly

2017 Pulse created by M.Hill and M.Miller

2010 Rake created by P.Duncan and R.Roxburgh

2010 Cops LAC directed by G.Bennett and K.Zwciky

2009 Packed to the Rafters created by B.Lee

2003 L’Avvocato directed by M.Donati and A.Maccagni

(lista completa a richiesta/complete list upon request)

Short Films/Cortometraggi:

2019 Inferno Dantesco Animato directed by B.Acosta

2015 Ariadne directed by J.Beaufort

2013 Dante’s Hell Animated directed by B.Acosta

2013 La Finca directed by E.Jamvold

 (lista completa a richiesta/complete list upon request)


2015 Logie Awards – Nominated for Most Outstanding Talent